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A Happy Boca Parent
“Our daughter came for therapy with no depth perception and blinking visions in one eye. Her other eye didn’t have good vision either. After eye therapy she has no more problem in any of these areas. Her grades are excellent now. Honor roll. We are very happy we found Dr. Lampert and the therapy he gave our daughter. It truly changed her life! Thank you so much!”

Another Happy Parent
Our son had been to a few optometrists. Each one told me something different: he needs glasses, he doesn’t need glasses, strong prescription, weak, many different stories. He did not wear the glasses and there was no change in his eyesight or abilities.

After being referred to Dr. Lampert by an education specialist I cannot say enough about the outcome of our son’s therapy with him. Dr. Lampert’s testing showed problems which required yolk prisms (which many specialist optometrists don’t even prescribe), that within only one month’s time improved his depth perception.

He went from bottom of the batting order in baseball to the top plus definite differences in many ways: schoolwork, confidence, etc… I am confident that a developmental optometrist could be the answer to your prayers. Too bad more people don’t know the difference between an optometrist and a Developmental Optometrist.

One More
“My daughter came to Dr. Lampert last November after struggling through the first month of 1st grade. I knew something was wrong but I could not figure it out. Dr. Lampert found that she needed Vision Therapy. After 9 months of Vision Therapy she can now read, catch a ball easily and is catching up with her class.   There is no doubt in my mind that my daughter has greatly benefited by Dr. Lampert’s Vision Therapy and I feel that she would be disadvantaged without it.   I am so grateful that I was informed about Vision Therapy and feel more people should be aware of it.”

Very Happy Mother
Our son is doing so much better since Vision Therapy. He now plays basketball. He used to be afraid of the ball because he wasn’t seeing for sure where it was. Now he sees the ball clearly and even has no trouble dribbling. His coordination is great, his headaches are gone and his teacher has remarked how much progress he is making and his reading has improved. I would highly recommend Vision Therapy.

A Local Boca Raton Resident
“Dear Dr. Lampert,  I have long meant to write this note, but have procrastinated. I am most grateful to you and the patient therapists who did so much to improve my vision. I can drive with less strain and more ease now. Thank you for helping me.”

Cynthia and Steve Howe’s  Daughter (Steve of the NY Yankees)
“My daughter Chelsie has improved tremendously once she started doing eye therapy. We noticed a big difference in her ability to hit a baseball and her grades have improved. I have also noticed a calmness in her behavior that I think is a result of the confidence she now has as a result of vision therapy. I appreciate tremendously Dr. Lampert and his staff. They are wonderful.”

A Local Tennis and Golf Player
“I have found the experience of vision therapy extremely rewarding. I have been able to improve both my depth perception for distance and reading concentration. I am a tennis player and vastly improved my game as a result of seeing the ball earlier and more clearly.”

“It is remarkable how my ability to see into the distance has improved. Before therapy I could not follow the flight of a golf ball after every shot, now I can see where my ball lands in the rough. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Lampert’s office for all your kindness and help.”

Doug Jennings, Professional Baseball Player
Dr. Lampert: Thanks for the knowledge and service you provided me. The visit to your office became a virtual wealth of knowledge; in that, being a professional baseball player, I learned how to train my eyes to do things that improve my overall performance. I have always worked on the physical side of my game, but vision was just expected. After I improved my tracking and control of my eyes in just a few short sessions, I realized I had been overlooking one of the most important parts of athletic training: VISION.

My training has continued and my depth perception has improved as well as many other technical vision terms. I know my vision has improved because my performance on the baseball field has improved. Thanks again.

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