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ESPN Sports Science uses Dr Lampert’s Expertise

ESPN Sports Science contacted Dr Lampert to find out what Greg has to do with his vision to catch two balls at the same time.

Golf Digest: Will seeing better help you score better?

Will seeing better help you score better? These new designs make the case


March 2011

The next frontier in golf-club design might have nothing to do with the inside of a driver head. Instead, it could have a lot to do with the inside of your head. The newest driver and putter designs not only work as well as ever from a physics standpoint, they might help teach your eyes how to aim your body. The theories in play run the gamut from retinal ganglion cell function to Gestalt psychology.

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Local 10 News: Functional Vision Rehabilitation

Millions of Americans live with diagnosed vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, glaucoma or presbyopia.

But an estimated 20 percent are living with another type of vision impairment that often goes undetected during the course of a eye exam.

“People have no idea they’re having problems sometimes because they’ve simply learned to compensate,” said Dr. Larry Lampert, a neuro-optometrist who worked with Whitehall Boca Raton, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility.

Dr Lampert asked to discuss Functional Vision Rehabilitation Resolutions to Common Problems

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Lifetime Channel: Healthy, Quality Vision…

Dr Lampert expertise on the Lifetime Channel

Dr. Larry Lampert At The Transitions Championship

Dr. Lampert discusses vision and sun related eye protection

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